Обложка книги Ninetta Sombart: Life And Art

Ninetta Sombart: Life And Art

ISBN: 0863154654;
Издательство: Floris Books
Страниц: 256

Book DescriptionNinetta Sombart was born in 1925 and grew up in Berlin in the house of the renowned economist and social scientist Werner Sombart. In 1947, she married and moved to America, where she had four children. To earn a living she began to paint?and to overwhelming public acclaim. In 1962, she returned to Europe, where she managed an advertising department in Basel. Since 1978, she has lived in Arlesheim, Switzerland, and devotes all her time to painting. With ninety full-page reproductions, this book is the only available overview of Ninetta Sombart?s life and work as a painter. Her paintings are widely known through single reproductions, but are shown here for the first time in a comprehensive collection. Sombart brings the humanspirit to the foreground, and her style is unmistakably different from any other Christian art. The largest group of her paintings is based on Gospel images, in which she attempts to show Jesus as the Son of God rather than Jesus the...

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