Обложка книги The Accidental Collector: Art, Fossils & Friendships

The Accidental Collector: Art, Fossils & Friendships

ISBN: 0295983825;
Издательство: University of Washington Press
Страниц: 336

Book DescriptionReaders who fell in love with The Eighth Lively Art will delight in the stories and profiles that the painter and paleontologist Wesley Wehr has collected in this follow-up to his earlier memoir. Here, Wehr's subjects--the painters, poets, and thinkers whose names constitute a pantheon of Pacific Northwest artistic and intellectual life in the 1950s and 1960s--reveal a shared distaste for theorizing about their work, which for them tended to be rather haphazardly integrated into the broader career of living by one's wits. And, more than this trait, all of them in their time shared a moment and a special place in the lens of Wehr's perception, inspiring a question that their lives answered, in different ways, by example: "How does a young person learn what it is to become an artist in the world?" The profiles collected in this volume are a mosaic of the voices, episodes, images, and locales that have remained vivid in Wehr's memory. There are the growing pains of a...