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Keala Jewell

The Art of Enigma: The De Chirico Brothers & the Politics of Modernism (New Modernisms Series)

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ISBN: 0271023589
Издательство: Pennsylvania State University Press
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 237
Book DescriptionIn this interdisciplinary book, Keala Jewell reunites Giorgio de Chirico (1888?1978) with his brother, Alberto Savinio (1891?1952), a prolific writer and painter who has been kept at the margins of the discussion of surrealism and, more generally, the culture politics of twentieth-century Italy. Yet as Jewell demonstrates, the brothers worked together during their formative years in Munich and Paris and always shared, on the one hand, a drive to salvage Mediterranean myth and history and, on the other, a deep involvement with art?s power to shape cultural identity and authority. Rather than looking for a key to unlock the secrets of the brothers? recurrent use of dislocated spaces and bizarre hybrid figures, Jewellfocuses on assessing the issues of identity and mastery put at stake in the haunting enigmas that characterize their paintings and writings. Deeply impressed by Nietzsche, she argues, they believed the "human" is inherently unstable...