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Gregory Orr

The Blessing: A Memoir

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ISBN: 1571781412
Издательство: Council Oak Books
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 256
Book DescriptionCritically acclaimed poet Gregory Orr?s memoir of his tragic boyhood and ultimate redemption Filled with the spare and moving language that marks Gregory Orr?s most affecting poems, The Blessing explores themes of personal tragedy and atonement, trauma and reconciliation. Orr?s ability to give voice to the feelings that are hardest to put into words makes his story unforgettable, mesmerizing reading. The blood that would first stain Orr?s childhood was spilled the year he was twelve. In that autumn, Gregory Orr shot his brother to death in a hunting accident. In this spare and poignant memoir, he tells how this horrific event shaped his life. Against backdrops of the rural Hudson Valley, a remote charity hospital in the jungles of Haiti, and the Deep South of the civil rights era where he marched and bled with other youthful demonstrators, Orr articulates his journey in a language as sharp-edged and authentic as the experiences themselves. ...