Обложка книги Touching Time and Space: A Portrait of David Ireland

Touching Time and Space: A Portrait of David Ireland

ISBN: 8881584514;
Издательство: Charta
Страниц: 208

Book Description"You can't make art by making art," David Ireland once said, and this statement can be understood as one of the guiding principles in his life and work. Sculptor, architect, installation artist, urban archeologist, and much, much more, Ireland is impossible and unnecessary to label. Why label something that aspires to include most everything--or at least to not exclude the possibility of something? Mid-life, Ireland, who was born in 1930, decided to pursue his passion for art, and he wenton to produce a body of work so idiosyncratic that it defies definition. Like his life, his working methodology is paradoxical, absurd, ironic, and uniquely enriched by humor and humanity. The result of some 80 interviews with the American artist and hisfriends, family, collaborators, and art world colleagues, Touching Time and Space offers an engrossing portrait of a deeply private but unfailingly generous iconoclast. His art practice, teaching, and wry philosophy have...