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Ray Charles

Brother Ray: Ray Charles' Own Story

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ISBN: 0786129476
Издательство: Blackstone Audiobooks
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 350
Book DescriptionRay Charles (1930-2004) led one of the most extraordinary lives of any popular musician. In Brother Ray, he reveals his story unsparingly, from the chronicle of his musical development to his heroin addiction to his tangled romantic life. Overcoming poverty, blindness, the loss of his parents, and the pervasive racism of the era, Ray Charles was acclaimed worldwide as a genius by the age of thirty-two. By combining the influences of gospel, jazz, blues, and country music, he invented, almost single-handedly, what became known as "soul." And throughout a career spanning more than a half century, Ray Charles remained in complete control of his life and his music, allowing nobody to tell him what he could or couldn?t do.