Обложка книги An Accidental Autobiography: The Selected Letters

An Accidental Autobiography: The Selected Letters

ISBN: 0811215350;
Издательство: New Directions Publishing Corporation
Страниц: 368

Book DescriptionFabulous letters from the vagabond Beat poet to his friends?among them Allen Ginsberg and Lawrence Ferlinghetti. For all his charm and intelligence poet Gregory Corso lived a vagabond life. He never held down a regular job. He rarely stayed very long under the same roof. He spent long stretches?some as long as four or five years?abroad. Many of his letters came from Europe?France, England, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Greece?as he kept in touch with his circle of friends?among them his best friend Allen Ginsberg and a steady supporter, Lawrence Ferlinghetti. He left (or was left by) a number of girlfriends and he fathered five children along the way. He was apt to raise a bit of a ruckus at poetry readings andother public events. No one could be sure what he might do next except that he would write poetry and get it published and that it would be widely read. When the idea of a book of selected letters was first proposed, Gregory had...

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