Обложка книги Her Husband: Hughes and Plath, a Marriage

Her Husband: Hughes and Plath, a Marriage

ISBN: 0670031879;
Издательство: Viking Adult
Страниц: 384

Amazon.comDianne Middlebrook launches Her Husband: Hughes and Plath: A Marriage , appropriately, with the birth of the poets? lives together. Through her retelling of the historic moment of their first meeting, Middlebrook sets the balanced, literate, and brutally honest tone that she maintains throughout the book. According to Middlebrook, Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes?s first encounter was violent and almost mythic, punctuated with kisses and biting. In 112 days they were married. Together, as Middlebrook shows, they formed a unique literary bond. They remained aggressive intellectual and erotic partners. But, six years later, Hughes left Plath and their two children for another woman. She committed suicide shortly after, while Hughes would go on to a long and successful career as a poet and as Plath?s literary executor. What Middlebrook brings to this story, outside of the almost voyeuristic details gleaned from letters, diaries, interviews, and past...

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