Обложка книги John Blakemores Black & White Photography Workshop

John Blakemores Black & White Photography Workshop

ISBN: 0715317210;
Издательство: David & Charles Publishers
Страниц: 159

Book DescriptionJohn Blakemore has been a key figure in British photography for over thirty years. He is a recognized master of the black and white medium, and here he presents a unique and practical masterclass in the techniques that have earned him worldwide acclaim. Bringing his vast knowledge and experience to bear, John Blakemore explores the creative as well as the technical processes involved in black and white photography. Long awaited for the many thousands of photographers that have attended his legendary workshops over the years and essential for the many more that have never had the chance, this is a unique insight into the art of one of photography's most influential practitioners and an important document of the methods of one of photography's most important teachers.

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