Обложка книги Love by the Glass : Tasting Notes from a Marriage

Love by the Glass : Tasting Notes from a Marriage

ISBN: 0812966864;
Издательство: Random House Trade Paperbacks
Страниц: 352

Amazon.comDorothy J. Gaiter and her husband John Brecher are best known for their Wall Street Journal wine column, "Tastings," a passionate yet practical guide to their favorite subject. Love by the Glass: Tasting Notes from a Marriage is their marriage-and-wine memoir, an account of the couple's life together in terms of the bottles they discovered, shared, and enjoyed (or didn't) over time. If readers learn less than they should about the pair when their glasses aren't raised, they are nonetheless treated to a fascinating (as well as useful) investigation of a growing education and the bottles that fueled it. Chapters are named for the couples' progressive wine discoveries, from the "rudimentary" (Andre Cold Duck, enjoyed on their first date) to the diversely more evolved (for example, a "magnificent" Gevrey-Chambertin Gerard Quivy provided in a basement shop in Burgundy). Other discoveries are delightfully serendipitous (like a "small" but delicious...

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