Обложка книги MARCEL PROUST


ISBN: 1585674052;
Издательство: Overlook Hardcover
Страниц: 160

Book DescriptionThe Overlook Illustrated Lives series offers visual literary biographies, incisively and informatively written by leading experts, accompanied by photographs and illustrations that bring to life the author's world. Coinciding with the publication of the first all-new English translation of Proust's great work in more than seventy years, Marcel Proust vividly captures Proust's solitary genius and life of passionate observation, from his daily routines to the elite social circle thatfascinated his youth. The more than one hundred photos and illustrations, some previously unpublished, enable readers to share the celebrated author's sight-and how others saw him: Proust's favorite paintings, portraits of the people he was close to, sources for his fictional characterizations, copious illustrations of the theatrical events and exhibitions Proust attended with such enthusiasm, scores of the music he loved, his manuscripts, sketches, and the places dear to him...

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