Обложка книги Phantom Limb (American Lives Series)

Phantom Limb (American Lives Series)

ISBN: 0803293011;
Издательство: Bison Books; Signed edition
Страниц: 158

"A haunting memoir?an absence that becomes in the telling an unforgettable presence. I am undone by this book."?Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey, author of A Woman of Independent Means. "Janet Sternburg has found the perfect metaphor for the tragedy of pain and loss, the ultimate inevitabilities of life."?Bill Moyers, broadcast journalist and editor of Healing and the Mind. "Sharply yet gently probing, Janet Sternburg in Phantom Limb investigates loss, and how memory is joy and pain. This is a moving, compassionate, beautifully written book."?Alicia Ostriker, author of The Crack in Everything. "[Phantom Limb] has the delicacy and grace of haiku, conveying great depth of feeling and sensibility with a few sure, strong strokes."?Anita Desai, author of Baumgartner's Bombay. "A story shared by increasing numbers of American adults for whom the dying of aged parents is a compelled experience of growth and the renewal of filial love. Tough and delicate,...

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