Обложка книги John Keats A Literary Biography

John Keats A Literary Biography

ISBN: 0766195945;
Издательство: Kessinger Publishing
Страниц: 284

Book Description1908. It is possible for biography, sometimes, to attain the dramatic vitality of fiction. Modern scholarship demands, of course, that there shall be no transgressions against the truth. In this book I have endeavored to conceive of Keatsas the protagonist of a domestic drama, coming upon a stage of shifting scenes, as in the old chronicle-histories, coming playing his part, and passing tragically under the blight. I have tried to select the significant moments, to reproduce the authentic local color of his daily life and to make him live, in a world of good cheer and vexation as a vivid reality. Contents: Before Waterloo and After; Genesis; Schooldays; Surgery; Hampstead Heath; Characteristics; The Volume of 1817; Sleep and Poetry; New Experience; Endymion; The Philosophy of Soul-Making; Criticism of Endymion; Isabella; The Scotch Tour; The Attacks of the Reviews; The Revelation of Character; Junkets; Poetical Nature; Style; Lamia; The Eve of St. Agnes; The Odes; The...

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