Обложка книги Judged by Love : A Biography of William X Kienzle

Judged by Love : A Biography of William X Kienzle

ISBN: 0740741918;
Издательство: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Страниц: 432

Book Description Author William X. Kienzle touched readers, both on and off the page. His 24 Father Robert Koesler mysteries attracted an ever-growing following of faithful and new fans alike, while his status as a highly intelligent and thoughtful ex-priest sparked curiosity and interest in his unique perspective. When Bill died suddenly in December 2001 his readers were crushed, as were so many who knew him personally and professionally. After much reflection on his life, Bill's widow, Javan, chose to write his biography.Judged by Love is a loving but candid portrait of a deeply religious and spiritual person, one who dedicated his life to God by becoming a priest, then found himself separated from the priesthood he loved because of disagreements with its policies. While this is the individual story of Bill Kienzle from his youthful days in the seminary onward, it also serves as a reflection on the current examination of faith that much of the Catholic clergy and laity have...