Обложка книги Conversations With Isaac Asimov (Literary Conversations Series)

Conversations With Isaac Asimov (Literary Conversations Series)

ISBN: 1578067383;
Издательство: University Press of Mississippi
Страниц: 170

Book DescriptionIsaac Asimov (1920?1992), one of the most popular and influential American authors of the twentieth century, sparked the imagination of generations of writers. His "Foundation" trilogy paved the way for science fiction that was more speculative and philosophical than had been previously seen in the genre, and his book "I, Robot" and his story "The Bicentennial Man" have been made into popular movies. First published as a teenager in John W. Campbell?s groundbreaking science-fiction magazine "Astounding, Asimov published over two hundred books during his lifetime. While most prolific writers tend to concentrate almost exclusively on a single genre, Asimov was a polymath who wrote widely on a variety of subjects. He authored mysteries, autobiographies, histories, satires, companions to Shakespeare, children?s books on science, and collections of bawdy limericks. A lifelong atheist, he neverthe-less wrote more than a half dozen books on the Bible. ...