Обложка книги J. Anthony Froude : The Last Undiscovered Great Victorian

J. Anthony Froude : The Last Undiscovered Great Victorian

ISBN: 0743245555;
Издательство: Scribner
Страниц: 352

Book Description Acclaimed biographer Julia Markus has written an unprecedented and illuminating portrait of the brilliant, tortured, and controversial James Anthony Froude -- the quintessential Victorian, father of modern biography, historian, diplomat, and prodigal son. J. Anthony Froude expertly captures the roiling cultural history of a century through one man's dynamic life. From his birth in 1818 to his death in 1894, J. Anthony Froude embodied the issues and complexities of his time. Through the story of his life, Markus elucidates the major ideological issues of the nineteenth century -- sexuality, colonialism, and the widespread challenges to religion's long-held cultural primacy. In beautifully crafted prose, Markus reveals the compelling life of one of the most important think-ers of the Victorian age -- the brutality of his early education, his troubled relationship with his father, his expulsion from Oxford, his dramatic and dazzling literary career, his...