Обложка книги The Du Mauriers (Virago Modern Classics)

The Du Mauriers (Virago Modern Classics)

ISBN: 1844080641;
Издательство: Virago Press (UK)
Страниц: 336

Book DescriptionSpanning nearly a century, this is the enthralling saga of the famously artistic du Maurier family, written by its most celebrated member. When Daphne du Maurier wrote this book, she was only 30 years old, yet she was already established as a biographer and novelist. The Du Mauriers was written during a vintage period of her career, between two of her best-loved novels: Jamaica Inn and Rebecca. Her aim was to write her family biography "so that it reads like a novel." It is due to du Maurier's remarkable imaginative gifts that she was able to breathe life into the characters and depict with affection and wit relatives she never knew.