Обложка книги The Road of Excess : A History of Writers on Drugs

The Road of Excess : A History of Writers on Drugs

ISBN: 0674017560; 9780674017566;
Издательство: Harvard University Press
Страниц: 360

Book DescriptionFrom the antiquity of Homer to yesterday's Naked Lunch, writers have found inspiration, and readers have lost themselves, in a world of the imagination tinged and often transformed by drugs. The age-old association of literature and drugs receives its first comprehensive treatment in this far-reaching work. "Boon's new work reads … like a wide-eyed, joyous romp through a literary statesman's funhouse, where each room contains a masterfully told tale of opium or morphine, peyote or LSD, coffee or cocaine. We see a gallery of our most prized literary lions, many of them stripped bare of their pristine reputations. It is a mind-teasing exercise that is well worth the trip." —Rebecca Shannonhouse, Boston Globe "Boon has written the most useful and engaging history of psychoactive lit yet. His prose is generous, unhurried, and far too tasteful to gob up the page with theory. At the same time, he casts his net deep and...

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