Обложка книги Amigos, Musketeers and Steve McQueen

Amigos, Musketeers and Steve McQueen

ISBN: 1553955080;
Издательство: Not Avail
Страниц: 200

Book DescriptionThis book chronicles some adventures (or misadventures) of Alan Miller and his boyhood best friend Steve McQueen (they call themselves the Musketeers) while growing up in a small, rural Wisconsin town, before going off to join the Marines. He tells stories about the rigors of Marine Corps boot camp and fleet Marine Corps infantry training; but more important the close relationships with fellow Marines. Particularly, stories about a close knit group who call themselves the Amigos. Interwoven are stories about his continual crossing of paths with his boyhood pal Steve McQueen at home, in the Orient, and in California. He tells heart breaking narratives of the men he met while in hospitals in Vietnam, the Philippines, Japan and Okinawa. Alan Miller describes the day to day accounts of a Marine rifleman in Vietnam. How he dealt with the stress of one day walking patrol in a hostile war zone, and three days later walking the streets of his hometown. He describes living...

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