Обложка книги Jam Master Jay : The Heart of Hip-Hop

Jam Master Jay : The Heart of Hip-Hop

ISBN: 0743476948;
Издательство: MTV
Страниц: 208

Book Description HE TOOK THE SOUND OF THE STREETS TO THE TOP OF THE CHARTS.... JAM MASTER JAY Before anyone heard of New Jack, Gangsta, East or West Coast, Jam Master Jay had already gained worldwide acclaim in the early days of rap. As onethird of Run DMC, Jay worked the turntables into a funky, catchy sound that combined hard-rock riffs with slamming street rhythms, and ushered in a new era of popular music. Respected both as an artist and as a devoted family man, Jam Master Jay lived the American dream -- until one fateful night in October 2002, when a murderer's bullet stopped the music forever. Here is the true story of an urban cultural icon whose popularity crossed racial lines and introduced the world to a new sound that would soon grow into a creative movement unmatched in the history of American music. Featuring interviews with Jay's surviving Run DMC bandmates and friends at Def Jam Records and those who knew him when he was simply Jason Mizell from the...