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Greg Tate

Midnight Lightning : Jimi Hendrix and the Black Experience

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ISBN: 1556524692
Издательство: Lawrence Hill Books
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 176
Book DescriptionJimi Hendrix's social meaning, his sexual mystery, and his scientific explorations in the field of sound are here addressed from a black perspective. This unique introduction to a man who, despite his popular appeal, has never made it into the pantheon of 20th-century black icons, incorporates extensive interviews with black Americans who shed light on Hendrix's complicated racial relationships. Midnight Lightning explores how Hendrix exploded the complacently segregated world to emerge as an icon for white boys, why his songs were not heard on black radio, and why black people once viewed him as a hippie Uncle Tom. Also explored are his connection to the Black Power movement, how he electrified soul music and made the electric guitar supplant the human voice, how he revolutionized the use of technology in popular music, and how black his music really was. His sex appeal-especially for black women-is discussed, as are how he redefined rock fashion, why nobody was...
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