Обложка книги The King Is Dead

The King Is Dead

ISBN: 0964648458;
Издательство: KATCO MEDIA
Страниц: 226

Book DescriptionIt was another routine day for Robert Kendall as he reported to work at the Memphis Funeral Home. But, early in the afternoon of this mundane day, Kendall?s life would forever change. Elvis Presley---the undisputed king of rock& roll lay dead on an autopsy table at Baptist?s Memorial Hospital in Memphis. Kendall would learn, in fairly short order, that he would be in charge of arranging the funeral for the deceased singer-idol. Soon, the call would come from Elvis? personal friend, Joe Esposito, summoning him to the mansion to discuss the arrangements. Elvis? father, Vernon Presley, would be calling the shots. But what would he want? "THE KING IS DEAD" is a compelling minute-by-minute narrative of a facet of the Elvis Presley story NEVER before told. This book is based on the memoirs of Elvis? Funeral Director, Robert Kendall. For the first time, readers and Elvis enthusiasts alike will learn... ? The ordeal...

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