Обложка книги Tiny Tim and Mr. Plym : Life as We Knew It

Tiny Tim and Mr. Plym : Life as We Knew It

ISBN: 0974688711;
Издательство: Edee Rose Publishing
Страниц: 266

Book Description From his first appearance on Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In , pop culture entertainment curiosity Tiny Tim captivated audiences and became an instant star and enigma. In this firsthand look at Tiny Tim's incredible life and career, his manager and confidant reveals previously unknown details of his eccentric life. Best known for his falsetto-voiced rendition of "Tiptoe Through the Tulips" and his Tonight Show wedding to Miss Vicki, Tiny Tim's public persona offered a mere glimpse of the actual man and his true behind-the-scenes antics. From his attempts to join the army and his efforts to help the FBI defuse the situation at Waco to the great joy and even greater agony Tiny Tim experienced because of the inherent conflict between his sexual appetites and deep religious convictions, this humorous account casts a new light on this zany character and one of the entertainment world's most enduring and off-the-wall relationships.

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