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Ormond McGill

The Amazing Life of Ormond Mcgill: Dean of American Hypnotists

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ISBN: 1845900014
Издательство: Crown House Publishing
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 432
Book DescriptionWhat Harry Houdini was to magic, Ormond McGill is to stage hypnosis. This exciting biography reads as a road map of one man?s astonishing seventy-five year career in stage hypnosis. Ormond McGill circled the world performing his art traveling to hundreds of places from Hollywood sound studios to the military camps in Korea, as well as almost every country in the world. He also appeared in front of early television?s hot lights on The Ed Sullivan Show and others. Ormond first started practicing stage hypnosis in 1927, and is now known world-wide as the "Dean of American Hypnotists." When he first began performing over 75 years ago, he went under the stage name of Dr. Zomb and performed in theaters all over the United States. Revealing many of his original sketches, dozens of photographs, and his personal press material (some published for the first time), Ormond not only brings you along with him on his epic voyage, but explains for the first time many of...
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