Обложка книги Modern Chinese Ear Acupuncture

Modern Chinese Ear Acupuncture

ISBN: 0912111704;
Издательство: Paridigm Publications
Страниц: 213

Book DescriptionThis useful and well-organized text precisely lays out the indications and applications for ear acupuncture, the characteristics of point selection, and the principles of prescription formation. Using charts, it describes anatomical areasand points on the external anterior and posterior surface of the ear. Each is identified with an English name and the international standard nomenclature for point reference. The book also lays out the distribution patterns and classification, and standard names, locations, and indications for roughly 87 ear points. It covers the theoretical basis for and methods of ear diagnosis, including inspection, palpation, and electrical detection and delineates diagnostic indicators for 100 commonly seen internaland external diseases. OB/GYN diseases, dermal diseases, and EENT disorders. It outlines a variety of therapeutic methods, such as seed acupressure, filiform needling, intradermal needle implantation, electroacupuncture, plum...