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Dahn Healer School

Home Massage Therapy, Book 2 (Dahnhak, the Way to Perfect Health)

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ISBN: 1932843000
Издательство: Healing Society, Inc.
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 144
Book DescriptionIn this book, Dahn Healer School presents Dahnhak Hwalgong as a home massage therapy method. Dahnhak Hwalgong is a traditional health regimen that originated in ancient Korea and means ?°healing hands.?± This is a healing method that can easily be administered anywhere without necessity for special tools. The greatest advantage of Dahnhak Hwalgong is that anyone can easily follow the simple steps to care for health of body and mind. Dahnhak Hwalgong maximizes healing capacity by stimulating relaxation points associated with acupressure points, meridians, and organs of the body.