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Rory Lipsky

One Trip Around the Sun: A Guide to Using Diet Herbs, Exercise and Meditation to Harmonize With the Seasons

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ISBN: 1883991854
Издательство: Riverwood Books
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 173
Book DescriptionRory Lipsky?s "One Trip Around the Sun" is a breakthrough text in presenting Traditional Chinese Medicine health practices to a Western audience. "One Trip Around the Sun" is the first comprehensive effort to synthesize a vast array of information into a user-friendly guide to optimum health and well-being. Lipsky provides detailed yet straightforward discussions of basic concepts from Traditional Chinese Medicine, chi kung exercises, and tables listing which foods are best for each of the four seasons. Case studies, guidelines for journaling, and meditation exercises round out this exciting exploration of healthy living. Learn how to: ? Integrate diet, exercise, and meditation with the energy of each season ? Build virility ? Experience spiritual connection ? Do chi kung exercises ? Use foods and herbs to improve health. Apply Lipsky?s seasonal secrets for building health and vitality and create...
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