Обложка книги Rabid Dogs in the East: Behind the Patient's Back

Rabid Dogs in the East: Behind the Patient's Back

ISBN: 0595267645;
Издательство: Writers Club Press
Страниц: 212

Book DescriptionThe author of Rabid dogs in the East takes us through the chiropractic profession's struggle to gain acceptance. The reader experiences the frustrations of a young chiropractic graduate who finds himself in a very hostile environment. Medical opposition in the 60s turns to inhuman, determined and illegal protectionism in America, where leading anti-chiropractic crusaders described them as "rabid dogs," 'killers," "unscientific cultists" and of course "quacks". Dr. Bruce Vaughan found a similar attitude when he opened his practice in Hong Kong. Rabid dogs in the East describes the constant fight he had to build his own practice as well as a recognized profession in the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong and latterly the Special Administrative Region of China. It is a fascinating insight into life in Hong Kong as it goes through the changes from the fifties to the present day, as seen through the eyes of an American trained British chiropractor. Rabid...