Обложка книги Kiss Your Life Hello: Health and Recovery With Psp

Kiss Your Life Hello: Health and Recovery With Psp

ISBN: 0970296479;
Издательство: ATN Publishing
Страниц: 96

Book DescriptionThe Sickness Riddle Solved It has been said, "The answers to all of man?s medical questions and the cures for all ills have been placed on this earth by God. It is just up to us to find them." While this statement might have fallen on deaf ears up to a few years ago, it certainly rings true today. From the common cold to cancer we have become victims of free radicals, which ultimately wear down our immune system and inhibit its ability to defend and heal our body. These destructive culprits are found everywhere. They originate in food additives, byproducts of plastics, pollution, emotional stress and even sunlight. Unstable oxygen molecules are thought to be largely responsible for the degenerative processes that promote aging and even more importantly, are thought to be the largest contributor of disease. Research has proven that free radicals destroy. We subject ourselves to these killers, sometimes knowingly, but still we shake our heads and wonder why...