Обложка книги The Natural Medicine Guide to Schizophrenia (The Healthy Mind Guides)

The Natural Medicine Guide to Schizophrenia (The Healthy Mind Guides)

ISBN: 1571742891;
Издательство: Hampton Roads Publishing Company
Страниц: 256

Book DescriptionThe Healthy Mind Guides offer original research and treatment options for reversing several so-called mental disorders. Addressing the underlying imbalances--biological, psychological, emotional, and spiritual--of the disorders, each bookoffers a wide range of effective, practical therapies drawn from extensive interviews with physicians and other practitioners. Case studies throughout the books illustrate the applications of these therapies, and numerous resources are provided for readers who want to seek treatment. "The Natural Medicine Guide to Addiction" delineates the causes of several common addictions--including cigarettes, alcohol, street and prescription drugs, work, sex, and food. More than a dozen proven natural therapies--including psychoneurobiology, family systems therapy, traditional Chinese medicine, and acupuncture--are presented by health professionals who use them everyday to successfully treat a wide range of addictions.

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