Обложка книги A Comprehensive Guide to Digital Landscape Photography

A Comprehensive Guide to Digital Landscape Photography

ISBN: 5-322-00361-4; 2884790101; 9782884790109;
Издательство: Ava Publishing
Страниц: 128

By thoroughly dissecting and annotating sumptuous digital landscapes, this second title in the Digital Photography series reveals the secrets of creating great landscape pictures. Find out how to manipulate point of view, light, arrangement, and timing for superb, artistic results. With a little imagination and digital retouching, it's possible to "change the weather" in a photo or produce dramatic effects. See how to get giant images and panoramas (great for mountain ranges or cityscapes), correct slants, boost a picture's brightness and sharpness, add layers of color, combine images in a montage, and more!

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