Обложка книги Adorned in Dreams: Fashion and Modernity

Adorned in Dreams: Fashion and Modernity

ISBN: 0813533333;
Издательство: Rutgers University Press
Страниц: 336

When Adorned in Dreams was first published in 1985, Angela Carter described the book as "the best I have read on the subject, bar none." From haute couture to haberdashery, "deviant" dress to Dior, Elizabeth Wilson traces the social and cultural history of fashion and its complex relationship to modernity. She also discusses fashion?s vociferous opponents, from the "dress reform" movement to certain strands of feminism. Wilson delights in the power of fashion to mark out identity or subvert it. This brand new edition of her book follows recent developments to bring the story of fashionable dress up to date, exploring the grunge look inspired by bands like Nirvana, the "boho chic" of the mid 90?s, retro-dressing, and the meaningsof dress from the veil to soccer player David Beckham?s pink-varnished toenails.

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