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Catherine E. Ulbricht

Natural Standard Herb and Supplement Reference: Evidence-Based Clinical Reviews

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ISBN: 0323029949
Издательство: C.V. Mosby
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 1012
Book DescriptionThis comprehensive resource consists of evidence-based systematic reviews of herbs and supplements. Ninety-eight rigorously reviewed monographs provide impartial data to help make unbiased clinical decisions. Validated rating scales are used to evaluate the quality of available evidence. Each monograph has extensive information including, synonyms or common names; a clinical overview of each herb; dosing/toxicology information from adult to pediatric dosages; adverse effects/precautions/contraindications; interactions; mechanism of action; history; table with discussion and review of the evidence; and brands used in clinical trials and third party testing. * An evidence-based approach provides readers with credible information on the efficacy and safety of a therapy so they can make a decision with confidence. * Research summaries provide readers with an overview of what the research reveals concerning the efficacy, safety, indications, and contraindications of herbs...