Обложка книги The Meditation Doctor

The Meditation Doctor

ISBN: 0764126741;
Издательство: Barron's Educational Series
Страниц: 144

Book Description This book's author, an experienced meditation teacher, describes how meditation can be used to complement standard medical procedures, improving physical health and helping to eliminate stress-related problems. She introduces readers to fundamental principles of self-healing, awareness-building, and creative imagery as techniques for reducing physi-cal pain and emotional distress. Techniques she discusses in detail include body postures, hand positions, breath control, and the Chakra system, among others. She advises on spe-cific meditation solutions to relieve back pain, headaches, fatigue, insomnia, low-grade fevers, colds and flu, respiratory disorders, and digestive problems. She also recommends meditation for emotional problems including anger management, depression, and build-ing self-esteem. Meditation is explained as being useful to enhance life's good and nor-mal aspects, such as the sex and creativity drives. Filled with practical advice and sugges-tions,...

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