Обложка книги Vision Quest : Native American Magical Healing

Vision Quest : Native American Magical Healing

ISBN: 0806972076;
Издательство: Sterling
Страниц: 176

Book Description A vision quest is a spiritual journey, a period of solitude and reflection during which one searches for inner revelations that will provide meaning and direction for life. Noted Native American shaman Wolf Moondance helps spiritual seekers reach their fullest potential through this traditional ritual. Moondance guides the way to magical healing, answering frequently asked questions, sharing her wisdom, and providing instructions for rituals and meditations. Find out how to make and use tools such as a medicine bundle, vision prayer stick, altar, and prayer ties that help you to achieve and interpret your vision. Case studies of four students demonstrate the healing, transformative powers of the vision quest, while artist Sky Starhawk’s exquisite paintings enhance the experience.

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