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John Travis

Wellness Index: A Self-Assessment of Health and Vitality

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ISBN: 1587612224
Издательство: Celestial Arts
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 24
Book DescriptionJohn W. Travis, M.D., and Regina Sara Ryan have taught hundreds of thousands about their concept of wellness, a practical whole-self approach to healthy living. Their best-selling WELLNESS WORKBOOK was recently revised, and the WELLNESS INDEX, a comprehensive self-assessment of your current state of wellness, has been updated to reflect their latest findings. This essential tool, also found in the WORKBOOK, is an inexpensive introduction to wellness. Take the test before reading the WORKBOOK to gain a better understanding of what areas in your life may need attention for you to achieve optimal wellness, then take it six months after reading the WORKBOOK to see how your state of wellness has progressed.