Обложка книги You Know You Are a Healer (CD)

You Know You Are a Healer (CD)

ISBN: 1844090256;
Издательство: Findhorn Press

Book DescriptionYou Know You Are A Healer is a loving affirmation of your being as a healer of infinite ability. We are each beings of energy. When we block the flow of this energy with sufficient intensity, the result is some kind of symptom. All symptoms, then, can be seen as just blocked energy. You have the ability to feel and direct energy, and to therefore unblock it wherever it has been blocked, in yourself or in another being. When the energy is unblocked, the result is the return to well being that we call healing. We are all healers, and we know that anything can be healed. This is a visit to the Old Man of the Forest, who some say is the wisest being alive. You get to ask any question, and receive an answer. Then, you become the Old Man, watching yourself approach, hearing yourself ask the question, and experience yourself as the Old Man giving the answer. All your answers are within. You know, and you know that you know.