Обложка книги CFS is a Call for Soulwork

CFS is a Call for Soulwork

ISBN: 1583850716;
Издательство: Cold Tree Press
Страниц: 340

By a CFS Sufferera?¦For a CFS Sufferer a?? Live well in the midst of CFS a?? Easy-to-Read, even for the a??foggy-mindeda?? CFS Sufferer a?? Resource-Full! Fact Sheet, checklist, remedies, readings,& suggested tests "CFS is a Call for Soulwork" is a deeply profound gift to the CFS sufferer in search of hope, understanding, and, above all, caring. Gretchen Brooks Nassar shares a heart and spirit-centered approach to healing, in language that is intimate, insightful, and reader-friendly. A CFS sufferer herself, Gretchen articulates her intensely painful and personal experiences, sharing how to see: the teacher in the illness experience; embrace illness; decide to heal, and learn to a??be.a?? Abundant in wisdom, and broadly based in its alternative approach to healing, this is a book destined to help you, the CFS sufferer, turn from victim to victor!