Обложка книги Heart Chakra Meditations

Heart Chakra Meditations

ISBN: 1591793505;
Издательство: Sounds True

Book DescriptionThe transcendental, humming pulse of consciousness can be heard in the center of the fourth chakra: the human body?s heart center. As this chakra is balanced and energized, faith, devotion, and harmony in our relationships unfold. Here, world renowned drummer and author Layne Redmond offers Chakra Meditations: Opening the Heart?two CDs specially recorded to purify the heart chakra, and fine-tune our receptivity for love at the core of our entire being. On CD One, Layne offers listeners a complete series of pranayama exercises, guided meditations, and a unique shavasana (relaxation) practice to balance and tone the heart chakra. On CD Two, she presents a masterful chanting practice that blends Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Hindu and Buddhist traditions, and is the perfect accompaniment to meditation, massage, yoga, or trance work. Also included is a 20-minute recording of the human heartbeat? a powerful healing sound that opens our hearts, and connects us...