Обложка книги Reflexology for Back Pain

Reflexology for Back Pain

ISBN: 0764131966;
Издательство: Barrons Educational Series
Страниц: 128

Back pain afflicts most men and women at some point in their lives, and serious back problems result in lost work days, as well as hospital treatments that might have been avoided if early precautions had been taken. An increasingly popular therapy for avoiding back pain?and for alleviating back pain when it strikes?is reflexology. A therapy first used in ancient Egypt, reflexology focuses on reflexes in the feet as they relate to every other part of the body. Stimulating the correct point on the foot can alleviate back pain, relax the entire body, and improve nerve and blood supply. Ann Gillanders describes separate reflexology therapy methods for treating pain in the neck, the upper back, the shoulders, the lower back, and the knees. She also recommends exercise techniques for relieving pain caused by a slipped disk. A concluding chapter discusses treatments for osteoporosis and chronic back conditions. The book is filled with enlightening, full-color photos and diagrams.

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