Обложка книги Talking to Babies: Psychoanalysis on a Maternity Ward

Talking to Babies: Psychoanalysis on a Maternity Ward

ISBN: 0807021148;
Издательство: Beacon Press
Страниц: 288

Book DescriptionDr. Myriam Szejer talks to newborns. For over a decade, in the maternity ward of a hospital outside Paris, Dr. Szejer has been conducting her practice with considerable success and acclaim. Called in by hospital staff when a baby or its parents are suffering, she uses the psychoanalytic techniques of careful listening and talking to reach suffering newborns and reverse their conditions. Talking to Babies is the story of her important work. Szejer believes babies need words as much as they need nourishment to thrive. By words she means that infants need to be talked to about the specific situations and histories into which they are thrown. Problematic aspects of their histories (such as the death of a twin sibling or a parent"s depression) need to be spoken about out loud—in the presence of their mothers and fathers if at all possible. Such speech helps everyone—newborn and parents—to place themselves in the altered world created by the baby"s...