Обложка книги The Detox Kit

The Detox Kit

ISBN: 1401905048;
Издательство: Hay House

Book DescriptionWould you like to wake up every morning bounding with energy and eager for the day ahead? Do you want to banish stress and get your life back under control? Do you want to say farewell to those nagging health problems and say hello to a vibrant, brand-new you? The Detox Kit could be exactly what you need. Detoxing is a surefire way to overhaul your body, mind, and emotions. But where do you begin? There are so many programs, regimens, and treatments out there that it can be totally bewildering. But relax: This all-inclusive kit gives you, clear, effective detoxing without the hype . . . but with all the results! The Detox Kit, by natural-health expert Jane Alexander, offers you a total detox plan?for body, mind, and emotions?all in one box. You don?t need to be a seasoned spa-goer or a health expert?Jane has eliminated the hard work and left you with exactly what you need for a safe, effective detox that could totally transform your life....