Обложка книги The Fasting Handbook: Dining From An Empty Bowl

The Fasting Handbook: Dining From An Empty Bowl

ISBN: 1587612313;
Издательство: Celestial Arts
Страниц: 90

Book DescriptionIt?s no secret that we live in a world that is becoming increasingly toxic from the air we breath to the food we eat to the negative thoughts we carry inside our minds. Over time, physical and mental toxicity contributes to depleted energy, spiritual apathy, and eventually poor health. In THE FASTING HANDBOOK, raw food pioneer Jeremy Safron presents a variety of detoxifying and healing techniques that support and enhance the cleansing process, ultimately creating renewal and vitalityfor the body, mind, and spirit. Included are regimens for fasting on substances (such as air, coconut water, and wheatgrass) to fasting from behaviors and things (such as speaking, people, and the media). A holistic approach to food, wellness, and spirituality, THE FASTING HANDBOOK offers lifestyle tools and techniques that provide benefits that can last a lifetime.