Обложка книги How Ancient Healing Governs Modern Therapeutics

How Ancient Healing Governs Modern Therapeutics

ISBN: 0766132668;
Издательство: Kessinger Publishing
Страниц: 568

Book Description1930. The contribution of Hellenic science to modern medicine and scientific progress. Contents: Greece, the torch bearer; man's incessant struggle for adequate healing; ancient healing, the parent of modern medicine; ancient healing versus modern therapeutics; medicine and therapeutics, a creation of Hellenism; value of Hellenic science to general medicine; traditional medicine; on the origin of Greek healing; famous Greek healers of the Heroic Age; Homeric period of medicine; general Homeric healing and therapeutics; Homer's special practice of applied medicine and therapeutics; religious period Hellenic medicine; a survey of the transitional or preparatory period; Latro Philosophic period of medicine; precursors of Hippocrates; Hippocrates, his work, accomplishments and teachings on surgery and dislocations.