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Thomas M. Mack

Cancers in the Urban Environment

Обложка книги Cancers in the Urban Environment

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ISBN: 0124643515, 9780124643512
Издательство: Academic Press
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 656
Book DescriptionThis volume, the first of its kind ever, is designed to provide both laypersons and professionals with a detailed description of the occurrence of each common form of cancer in the ethnically, socially, and environmentally complex milieu of a modern urban complex. The place is Los Angeles County, and the patterns of 72 different malignancies are described according to race, age, sex, social class calendar time (since 1972) and most notably, individual neighborhood, using detailed maps ofhigh risk. The book permits residents to screen the malignancies and identify those of special concern locally, and to identify other communities with similar concerns. The pattern of each malignancy is briefly discussed with reference to background knowledge of causation and the degree to which the observed pattern was expected on that basis. Persons residing outside Los Angeles County will identify patterns likely to prevail in their own communities. Physicians and...