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Pamela V. Church

Gestures of the Heart: A Guide for Healing the Residue of Life's Traumas

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ISBN: 0966735919
Издательство: Harren Pub
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 151
Book Description Gestures of the Heart by Pamela Church "In our society today, many of us suffer from something I call trauma residue syndrome. We're doing the best we can to get by day to day , and yet we feel drained, distressed, not all here. For some of us, the trauma comes from living stressful, overloaded lives in a culture that works to separate us from our inner resources. Others of us have experienced abuse, gone to therapy, done our work, and still the sky is gray. It's astounding how many of us live with the wounds of the harm done to us. Despite all wishes, these wounds don't heal on their own. This book offers ways to help heal the residue of life's traumas by showing you how to access the wisdom, intuition, and insight already stored in your body's experience. With these tools - most of which takes less than ten minutes - you can create a deeply personal path to greater peace, happiness and harmondy.