Обложка книги The Journey to Radiant Health

The Journey to Radiant Health

ISBN: 1587611759;
Издательство: Celestial Arts
Страниц: 394

Book DescriptionMany books have been written on health and healing, and many more on personal growth, but few elegantly combine these topics to encompass all aspects of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. In THE JOURNEY TO RADIANT HEALTH spiritual growth counselor Prema Key offers a simple, sensible program to achieve radiant health?an optimal, fully awakened state of consciousness based on principles of love, truth, and action. Key gently guides you on this inner journey with seven essential steps, including conscious breathing, healing childhood wounds, and finding your life?s purpose. Whether your interests lie with Western, Eastern, traditional, or alternative health care, this book provides a variety of ways to propel you to peace, happiness, and glowing overall health.

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