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Phil Smart Sr

The Real Angels Among Us

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ISBN: 1586191020
Издательство: Elton-Wolf Publishing
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 83
Book DescriptionThis is the remarkable story of a successful businessman who spent 40 years volunteering at Seattle Children's Hospital. It's his story of the children he met that influenced his life - Bonnie, who at age 10 was paralyzed from a gun accident and went on to earn her doctorate in psychology and Terry, a young burn victim whose greatest gift for his 7th Christmas was 'eyelids'. You'll be touched and inspired as the author asks, "What if each of us, every one, took a piece of our God-given talents - our energy, our vision, our courage - and shared them with someone in difficulty? All that would happen is that we'd change the world!"