Обложка книги The Will to Health: Inertia, Change and Choice

The Will to Health: Inertia, Change and Choice


ISBN: 1890772399;
Издательство: Hohm Press
Страниц: 240

Book DescriptionHow to make the changes that improve your health -- how to develop and choose the will to live: the will to health, featuring 24 fascinating case studies of chronically ill people who have made life-saving choices. Why do some people choose health, while others can't -- or don't? The author demonstrates that the the will to health can be achieved by working through the natural inertia that normally blocks progress. By clarifying a sense of will or purpose, any person can move beyond limits of psychology, belief, or environment to dramatically improve their lives, and health. Each chapter features * a personality - Freud, Einstein?s wife, Ernest Hemingway, Aleister Crowley, Norman Cousins, Leni Riefenstahl * a type of deadly inertia - and how each personality succumbed to or chose to fight inertia * case studies of ordinary people suffering the same issues, and how they challenged assumptions and made new choices for health This is...