Обложка книги Values-Based Decision-Making for the Caring Professions

Values-Based Decision-Making for the Caring Professions

ISBN: 0470847344; 9780470847343;
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons
Страниц: 184

Book DescriptionWe have lost sight of the vital symmetry between values and evidence. Values lie behind absolutely everything we do, yet we allow technical decision-making to dominate every social sphere, as if only ‘the evidence’ reallymatters. In this extraordinarily original and compelling book, David Seedhouse advocates values-based decision-making as a much-needed means of restoring humane balance to social planning, and explains the innovative use of information technology to turn values into evidence. The potential of values-based decision-making is huge and exciting. The final chapter of this seminal work points the way to a democratic future in which everyone’s values can be seen and heard, regardless of technical knowledge or social status. Values-Based Decision-Making mostly uses examples drawn from the health field. Like David Seedhouse’s many other books, it will be of considerable...